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Articles on the Power of Attention

Carefully detailed explanations of the ideas that lie behind this practical work,
as well as immediate applications.

  • "The Power of Attention", a talk given by E. J. Gold

    No one else will train our attention for us, because it can’t be done. We are the only ones who can. And if we can train our attention, we can do anything; we literally can move mountains. If our attention can be focused, we can do anything that we have ever heard of anyone doing. It is our attention that gives us that power.
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  • "To Be or Not To Be", a talk given by E.J. Gold

    We are trapped because we cannot use our attention. That is what keeps us prisoners-that and nothing else. If we wish to have life as a being then we must use our attention as it should be used, because it will give us the key to life.




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